I am a visual storyteller. I believe the visual image is a powerful tool that creates a lasting impression of emotion, curiosity, caring and ultimately hope and humanity. 
Photographs illustrate life in a way that words cannot.

What is important to me in my work is the way my understanding of people and the world deepens. I hope my work inspires others to see we all matter and to care more profoundly.
I travel the world photographing divergent peoples and cultures. The resulting images express the dignity of our universal connection. I believe we are all the same — we all want to be loved, to love our families and our traditions.

The soulful intimacy of my photos comes from having developed personal relationships with my subjects, spending time in their world and capturing the essence of their culture. The permission they grant me, the openness they offer by inviting my into their world, never ceases to inspire me. My mind, my eyes and my heart have been opened by these experiences. I hope my images do the same for you 



"I’m still very much an amateur photographer and images of other photographers have inspired me lot in many ways, and I hope my contributions will inspire others someday."

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My goal is to encourage through my images and words all people out there.

Sometimes the road is long and tiring, I make no secret about being powered by coffee.


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Western Mongolia -  Iceland - Death Valley

Oberwil -Basel, Switzerland


Terra Verde, Iceland        
Zurich, Switzerland: Photo 15 


JANUARY 9  - JANUARY 15 - 2015

INIDA- Vibes for your Soul                    NOVARTIS Pharma AG  Basel Switzerland

MARCH 20 - APRIL 30 - 2014

INIDA- Vibes for your Soul                    
Winterthur-Zurich, Switzerland




An article about chasing my passion and motivation being a scientist and photographer in the awarded live magazine May-August 2019 issue by Novartis.

Article english​      Artikel auf deutsch

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Martin Vogt's body of work spans vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike – yet always retains a human and nature element.

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