The breadth and burden of data collection in a Rural Health Clinic

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

After registration, patients move into a basic area. Here, nurses will collect and patients data. © 2017 by MARTIN VOGT

A Day in the Life of a Rural Midwife

Medical Record Systems reduces the need to manage and store growing volumes of patient charts, a major challenge in resource-limited settings.

Keeping track of even one patient undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS can be complicated; medical records are growing a major challenge in resource-limited settings.

Midwife Zelipe's job includes promoting family planning, providing contraceptives but also prescribing essential antimalarials, vaccines, HIV, TB and leprosy treatments. Patient filing and documenting are important, but is a time consuming task to ensure accurate and sufficient drug supply.

Doing it for over 10,000 patients when you’re a limited in resources coping with high demand and a sputtering economy magnifies the complexity. Which is why SMS for Life – and its solution – addresses key operational challenges at peripheral healthcare facilities such as monitoring of surveillance parameters for malaria, maternal and infant deaths and other diseases.

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© 2018 by MARTIN VOGT . .

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