Midwive, Mother and Family

Midwife Zelipe with her daughter at her home. © 2017 by

Midwife Zelipe with her daughter at her home which is just walking distance to the Rural Health Centre in the Mansa District, Zambia.

In her role Zelipe plays a vital role in the health care of mothers and babies.

Midwives save lives, support and promote healthy families, as well as support women, young people and adolescents to acquire appropriate information and access quality integrated services; an essential role to improve global health.

As a mother of a daughter, Zelipe has chosen a live next to the health centre to be able to cater to the women that need her.

Despite the family and clinic challenges, Zelipe remains devoted to her patients: "I hope to create a future where no baby is left alone, where no mother dies while giving birth," Zelipe says and smiles. "That is my hope."

Thank you for all you do, Zelipe and all midwifes around the globe.

This is one of many stories I've found during my assignment during the roll-out of the SMS for Life program for Novartis Social Business in Zambia.

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