The Best of 2016.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment, share and words of encouragement throughout 2016.  For a very short time I will display my favorite shots from my trip to Western Mongolia in Summer 2016.


Ethnic Kazakhs number around 100,000 and are the largest minority in Mongolia. They are mostly settled around the nation's desolate far west, around the Altai mountain range, which stretches from China through Mongolia and Kazakhstan to Russian Siberia.

..and I've been back to follow the Winter Migration and learn more about Medical Health Access/ Service in Mongolia!

Удаан уулзсангүй шүү

Wishing you all an amazing 2017.

If you would rather just look at pretty pictures with the dialogue I have posted most of them on Instagram: 

Deep in the unforgiving wilds of far
Hard work, Sheep Shearing
The training process, which takes th
Eagle Hunter's Daughter, Mongolia
Kazakh people - Western Mongolia
Kazakh people - Mongolia
The hunters must forge an intimate r
An eagle’s legs are decorated with e
Kazakh people - Western Mongolia
The Kazakh community in North Wester

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